Corporate Banking

Call Accounts

  • A Call Account can be opened at AB Qatar for both individuals and legal entities upon presentation of an approved personal identification document for individuals and the approved registration documents for companies, institutions and legal entities.
  • It may be opened in the name of one or more individuals with specification of the authorized signatories and their signatory powers (severally/jointly).
  • It carries a set interest rate, and withdrawal there from shall be subject to a pre-notification period of time equal to the account's call period as a minimum.
  • One, two or three weeks are the available options for such pre-notice period.
  • Interest is paid at the end of each month.
  • The balance must be higher than the minimum set for this account in the relevant area, otherwise the interest shall not be computed.
  • The interest value date for withdrawals failing to observe the agreed upon pre- notification period shall be the date which precedes the withdrawal by a period equal to the agreed upon prior notification period.
  • No checkbooks and none of the Bank's self-services are given for this type of account.